William J. Akridge

Kentucky Fine Artist of Sunday Painters

Let me create a work in oil just for you. It may not cost as much as you think. All you can do is ask.

Below are five videos of my process working to a complete painting. 


If you love a work of art and want a real painting, please contact me. I will see if I can copy or create a new work just for your special needs.


​Blurred edges with subtle color effects for a more private view.  
Art that slowed the passage of time to allow for mystery and imagination also to waken emotions.  

Art made for the evening when the mind seems most open. The last moments when time feels like it's on your side. Capturing the color of mood, soulful and wistful  works. Type your paragraph here.

There are few things we live with and pass on to the next generation.

A fine work of art becomes part of the family. A treasure so to speak.