After the Storm

16 x 20

Oil on Canvas


Frame not included

Cool Mountain

16 x 20

Oil on Canvas


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.Snow melts running a stream like stained glass morning sun peeks over  it will be gone over the winter.

The work would be great in a hallway to brighten up the dark path between here and there.

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Frames are not Included

Here is a small painting of a milkmaid going to the barn as the sun goes down.  I like to use pure strokes with glazing to give the work depth.

The milkmaid is small and you could put your thumb over her.  She is created with a few simple direct stroke.

This would be a great painting for a kitchen or a reading nook. 

Three Oranges...In this work with three oranges, I used harmony colors to give the base shape and many glazes so that the light hits the painting like stained glass when the morning sun peeks over the window sill. you have "like stained glass morning sun peeks over"

Fit right into a cozy kitchen when the morning sun peaks over the window seal.

Midday Sream has a lot of detail. I worked on giving the work movement with small strokes. You almost feel the water standing by the edge.

This painting would work great in a small room to open up the space through a looking window


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After the Storm has complex color and shade.  As you can see the storm is starting to break but the sea has power to slam into the rocks taking sailor to their doom 

The little lighthouse has weather the storm as it's done many times before.  You can see the orange light on the storm as it give way to the moon.

The moody work would be good in a large living room in a corner while it broods night and day.

The Milkmaid

8 X 14

Oil on Canvas


William J. Akridge

Midday Stream

16 x 20

Oil on Canvas


Kentucky Fine Artist of Sunday Painters

Three Oranges

11 x 14

OIl on Canvas