Learn to paint awesome paintings with the Master

Bob Ross. Click picture to see product. 

Best Acrylic starter kit to get painting

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Odorless turpenoid brush cleaning solution  

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When you start painting we all need a starting point. Purchasing materials that will not break the bank and a first lesson to get you in the mindset on how easy it is to paint. Here are two of my videos that will give a better starting point. Here is a link to my channel the Sunday Painter for more art information. Subscribe because you can ask questions as you learn.  Start creating your master works and having fun.

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What do you need to start oil painting? 

Oil paint starter kit with all the colors you need to complete a work of art. 

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Liquin is to help Oils to dry faster and can be used as medium 

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Click here for more art lessons on Youtube.

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William J. Akridge

 Fine Art Painter - Photographer - Tee Graphic Designer

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Canvases to start painting pack of seven

Paper Palette can be used for both Oil and Acrylic 

Brush kit with every style brush you need for Oil and Acrylic painting

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Funny Art Tees, click the picture to see shirt. 

Brush cleaner for Oils  

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Art supplies for Oil and Acrylic painting. Click the picture and it will take you to the needed art supplies on Amazon. Save this page for reference.  

Starter easel that folds up and easy to carry 

Leak proof brush cleaner container

Starter how to paint books, click photo to see book.