Kentucky Fine Artist of Sunday Painters

Often hired to craft images and artwork for national and international organization, in these years William has completed commissioned-art for a large number of projects including pieces for major sports events, historical events, and special commemorations.

​William J. Akridge can complete a custom work of Art  from your photos. Which includes, landscape portraits, religious portraits, or pet portraits such as horse, cat, dog, also still lifes and floral oils, ect... When you need custom, please contact me for a FREE estimate.

                                      Whether you're looking a new work of Art or  wanting an old Master copy, I can help make your  vision the talk of the town.                                Contact me today to get started designing your Work of Art.  All estimates are FREE.

Designing Tasteful Experiences

William J. Akridge

I struggle to capture a moment in time from a different point of view than normal. Always looking for beauty in the ordinary. The things we over look or take for granted in our journey in life.

William Akridge