Graphic Design

William J. Akridge

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Artist - Photographer- Graphic Designer- Videographer  AGED Limited Graphic Designs, Founder

Oil Painting



William was born in Louisville, Ky. in the mid - 1960s. Over the past two decades, he has toiled full-time as a professional artist in various venues.

Often hired to craft images and artwork for national and international organization, in these years William has completed commissioned art for a large number of projects including pieces for major sports events, historical events, and special commemorations.

The Danbury Mint
MLB Major League Baseball
NFL National Football League
Fortune 500 Companies
World Heavyweight Boxing Champion
Military Memorials
The Louisville Slugger Museum

After two decades of being hired to complete artwork for a vast array of corporations, Organizations, and Societies. William decided to devote his talents full-time to his passion and love: Painting Oil on canvas and graphic design.

During this time William has founded "AGED Limited" a flat graphic design company. AGED Limited designs flat graphics for tees and mugs including lifestyle items. Creating a number of stores for everyone's unique tastes.

Working with artist he has a sublimation line where you can create your unique statement. 

AGED Limited can create a custom design for your corporation, event, club, or fundraiser. Striving for only the best.